Keep your pet safe this winter

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Winters in Michigan can be hard on all of us. Our pets need special attention during the cold winter months. Use these tips to help keep your furry ones happy and healthy!

Pets have a thick fur coat but that does not mean they are able to withstand extreme temperatures. Make sure your pet has a warm, dry shelter available at all times. 
Antifreeze is often sweet smelling and brightly colored and can be appealing to pets. If consumed, it can be fatal if not treated immediately. Keep all antifreeze and other chemicals out of reach of pets. If your pet has consumed antifreeze, contact your veterinarian immediately.
Many pets, especially outdoor cats, like to stay warm by snuggling up to a warm car engine or exhaust. If we do not realize a pet is near our car, they may be in danger of being run over or getting tangled in the cars engine parts. Always check under the hood and tires before moving a vehicle.
*Ice Melting Salts
Ice melting salts can cause irritation to your pets paw pads and can be poisonous if your pet consumes them. Make sure you are using pet- safe deicers around your home.